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Best Residence for Sustainable Looking Home Ideas


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To start with, it should be in scale, and to acquire more than 1 degree with tremendous size of land. This situation comes in the level of wooden home, which combines contemporary approach, modern look, also due to its very own glamorous impact. What’s more, glass material is installed in large amounts so that it seems much sparkling when all lights are on during the evening.

Opening into wooden deck is made from sliding glass doors. Unique picture is wrapped into wall in this glamour home design using its striking rustic framework made in brown wood.

Take a glance in this open space of outdoor living space. Here, you’re ready to find light brown velvet sofa is used, along with brownish canes armchair and coffee table of brownish color. On the opposing side, canes couch is used as sofa bed and is filled with white cushion. Caramel granite stone is favored for flooring coating.

Let’s visit kitchen space, in that it is placed in white and ivory colors. White granite is place on the floor, and combined with white dining area and white bar region. White bar stools may also be inserted. However, applying glamour home design can be known in bedroom although minimalist is likewise put. White mattress is paired with black mattress couch with small headboard.